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In addition to being a nationally recognized fitness trainer, Elrado is a television talk show host, executive producer, public speaker and author.  Elrado's higly successful book "The Real Fountain of Youth: Simple Changes for Productive Longevity" offers relatable tips on health and longevity and have propelled him to becoming a contributor as seen on the Daily Meal, WGN Chicago, CBS Houston, CT Live, Good Morning Wahington, Fox Baltimore and many others.

Co-host Daryn Carp came right out of the NBC page program to assist on eof the most influential pop culture icons of our time Andy Cohen.  She also hosts a weekly podcast "Martinis & Murder" which dives deep into actual crimes.

For the first time in Zebra's illustrious history, we are inviting you to have unprecedented access as a guest on this imppecable production

TV Time: NYC February 7th