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Public Relations

"A good public relations strategy includes a launch to showcase and feature your product to the tastemakers who will discuss your brand as well as opportunities for you to show what you have worked so hard to create."


Publicity is about getting your product or service featured on television shows, in the hands of celebrity influencers and in the annexes of journalists who will weave your story into print.  Zebra now has publicity plans for every budget.  Click below to get started and one of our reps will contact you.

Zebra PR Final Fundable Presentation (1)


PR D.I.Y - for Entrepreneurs & CEOs


This 4 part class retails at $198.00 and is held online via Zoom Communications. Class is in session! Jumpstart your marketing this season with 5 shortcuts to major publicity - how to get your book inspires, how to get your name in the press and butts in seats, plus how to go viral and so much more!

Business Development & Strategy

"A comprehensive business strategy is always necessary before a marketing plan is executed"


First you will want to know how much you can expect to spend on a campaign and then you will want to know how and when you will become profitable.  Our Business Development & Strategy packages are designed to fill your calendar with logical decisions and outcomes for the success of your enterprise.


Marketing Blueprint Plan


Includes business strategy for marketing and visibility and management of dates.



Market Research Kit


A full report in PDF includes statistics as they relate to your target market.


Consulting Services

"Our business development package works in tandem with consultations about theories in innovation, image management and new business development"


At the same time, we are planning your strategy so that it is ready to be received by your target audience as well as to help build a customized list of contacts you will need to advance your progress.


Strategy Session


Innovations Theory & Consult.  Discover the latest processes in innovation theory for the development of your new products and services.



Media Consulting


Think about how and where you craft and communicate your message as you pitch to the public as well and to your stakeholders.





Our studio in New York is fully equipped to take creative portraits or headshots for your corporate communications and messaging. 4-5 hour day.



"Communicating a strong brand includes decisions about what makes your brand unique or stand out in the market place"


Communications have everything to do with the look of your brand and how people perceive it long after the initial interaction takes place.  We will develop your pitch and presentation so that there is complete coverage on how your brand is perceived.


Graphics Design


Our junior and senior teams can help to crystalize your vision so that your branding is pitch perfect.



Press Releases


Think about how you edit your communications and manage your message.



Telephone Campaigns


The art of closing the deal lies in the pitch.  Need we say more?


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