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Do you know what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur?  Check out my interview with Kevin Price on the Price of Business by clicking on the icon and I will give you my number one tip for cracking the six figure code or browse through a listing f the work we've done in the press kit we've added to this section.

Kojenwa Moitt began work as an actor in the film and television industry while living in Toronto after having completed a BA from the University of Toronto in History and French literature. Her repertoire in the world of interdisciplinary arts which also includes broadcast media at the National Institute of Broadcasting and visual arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as dance, precipitated a demand for her involvement in helping to direct large scale productions in Toronto and New York such as Toronto Fashion Week, the ReelHeART International Film Festival for which she now sits on the Board of Directors and IDA or Interdisciplinary Arts, a New York based film production company for which she is part owner.

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