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Our Story​

We are the MBAs of the 2008 financial collapse and work to conserve budgets while implementing the most powerful impact in marketing your brand.


Our company’s key success factors originate from the synergy between the core values we hold and that of the entity we represent, the breadth of international reach (or network), global contractors, creative media capabilities, operational agility, language proficiency and business background - all of which serve as an asset to corporations and clients looking to harness and internationalize brand identity at rates favorable to that of larger establishments whilst retaining a competitive advantage.


Your Story

You want to leave an incredible legacy. You love your work and live your balance by taking care of your household, which also must include yourself.  You work tirelessly to serve the common good.  You have an idea you know will be successful.


For this reason you chose Zebra Public Relations. This is a full-service Public Relations boutique that services companies and industry leaders in various stages of growth and personal development seeking to raise brand image to #iconic status through the use of both new and traditional media, innovation methodology, marketing strategy and communications as a means to achieve that end.


Our Clients

Or clients range from people holding doctorates to financial institutions, tech startups and hospitality to leaders in travel, economics, psychology, law, as well as arts and entertainment.


While we are industry agnostic, our criteria is that you have a passion for your work and a proven track record of success.

Our clients and consulting appointments are proudly reflected in our work.


Come Visit

It is our mission to give hardworking entrepreneurs the recognition they truly deserve. With offices in New York, Toronto, and Boston as well as correspondents around the globe, we are your consultants in the US, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.  Come visit us at Headquarters in New York.

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